Hi I cheated on my ex of 7 years with another girl I met on tinder

Hi I cheated on my ex of 7 years with another girl I met on tinder

I honestly regret it everyday I slept with this other girl twice and she some how found my gf and told her the situation. We have been broken up for 2 months and I have seen girls but still have that empty space inside that misses her. I do want her back and make things work but i dont know what to do? I’m at the point where dating a few girls is annoying me because I just miss my ex to much and cant commit to anyone.

Perhaps stop dating other girls in the meantime so as to not further implicate your reputation with your ex, and try reaching out to see if she’s receptive towards you or not. If she hasn’t forgiven you yet and is still negative towards you, give her some more space, before trying to make it up to her.

i have a difficult situation. we have been broken up for almost 5 months and i cant stop thinking about her. thing is, i NEVER cheated on her physically. i may have flirted harmlessly but nothing further. my ex before her was able to contact her via social media and put all kinds of things in her head! sad thing is in my ex’s mind, i cheated but, she wont believe me. we been together for a little over 2 years. she hasnt tried to reach out to me however, she hasnt blocked me me and several of our pics from vacations are still poted up on her fb. i REALLY REALLY bridesconfidential.com tryck pГҐ webbplatsen REALLY want her back and im willing to do serious damage control????

Start by slowly reaching out and seeing how she responds to you. You can still use these steps to guide you on how to contact her.

I cheated on my ex about 8 months ago. I acted very desperate and needy after the breakup. I had many people call me names including my ex. But I think he was just angry. After 2 weeks he did contact me but I didnt give an answer. I also dated the guy I cheated on my ex with (we broke up in 2 weeks) And my ex knew about it. Its been 7 months since I have contacted the guy I cheated on. I always missed and thought about him. But never contacted him because I was afraid to face him. Now I feel I have built myself and can defend myself. I feel like my ex was the one for me. But I am no longer desperate for him. I would be okay with his rejection. I have followed the no contact rule for 7 months and I have made myself better as an individual. I really want to give it a try.

I did love him a lot but it happen in the moment

You can start by slowly reaching out as a friend, and depending on how he responds, you act accordingly. He will definitely be distrusting at the start, but you’re going to simply prove to him that you can regain his trust and not get impatient if his reactions are not what you expect at times. However, don’t let him use this as permanent ammunition to simply have his way as he eventually HAS to forgive you if either of you want to move past this.

I do love my ex but the physical cheating wasn’t about me being with someone forever was just we lacked sexual connection in our relationship

So me and my ex have been together for 6 months but we’re talking for like almost 10 months before he asked me out and during the 5 month I cheated on him it wasn’t my intention I tried pulling back but he kept kissing up on me and I couldn’t help it so it happen my partner never knew but we broke up recently cuz so much was going on just needed space and we didn’t love each other like before well he didn’t Bc he said I changed and i wasn’t the same and I didn’t show him I loved him anymore and I kinda would just get annoyed but I did love him but since we hardly seen each other it was hard and harder each day that pass by and it’s been almost a month we broke up and I realize a lot there’s no another guy that compares to him he’s special and good to me I can’t bare to lose him after everything we been thru like I feel like I honestly do love him and he changed me into a better person and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be doing this good. I want him back but idk how he feels towards me and he doesn’t know about what happen 2 months ago

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