About Us

Our Story

A consortium of the ABA, The North Carolina Banker’s Association in conjunction and Stathis – Mittel Business Intelligence has assembled a leadership community focused on realizing the financial institution channel’s potential for fulfilling the Protection Needs of the clients it serves.

The combined efforts of these leaders will enable participants to realize business advantages and affect change in the industry related to protecting client’s assets. This group is comprised of thought leaders from related distribution, manufacturing, and service providers in the financial institution channel. The focus on Protection includes life, health, and property & casualty insurance.

The FIIC is a community consisting of executives who believe the financial institution channel has the potential to be the most important distribution channel for protection-oriented products in the financial services industry and are determined to be catalysts in fulfilling this potential. This is not a trade association, but a community focused on networking with the purpose of advancing the protection industry.  It has been thought of as the largest, permanent, and growing roundtable focused on the protection needs of financial institution clients.

Our Vision

Successful compliant insurance sales in the channel requires a forward-thinking group of industry leaders to chart the right course. By harnessing the power and ideas of the industry’s most dynamic leaders the FIIC will lead by example, be a catalyst, and exist as a forum for evolving initiatives for our industry.

The evolution of this group will be in the hands of the FIIC Steering Committee under the aegis of the Advisory Board. The Steering Committee is a peer group of invited organizations not an elected body. It meets on a regular basis and has access to the Advisory Board for advice and counsel. Currently consisting of 11 Banks/Credit Unions and 9 Service Providers this Committee began its formation in October 2021.