“I’m afraid that my life will be ordinary and boring”

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Everything is wonderful for me: I have a groom, interesting study, promising work. But I constantly think what awaits me ahead? A vicious circle: house -work – a drill -country – a -wall! I am afraid to turn into an ordinary woman who only thinks about how to catch everything, I’m afraid that my life will be gray and boring ..

Anastasia, 22 years old

The tone of your letter is bitter and ironic: everything is fine, only nothing pleases. And what is there to rejoice when life is almost all as in the palm of your hand – dull and predictable.

Sometimes such a distinct unwillingness to become adults happens among adolescents: there is nothing good there, sheer duties and boredom. This happens to those to whom parents involuntarily make http://brotherbobsbooks.com/privacy-policy/ it clear that they are unhappy, dissatisfied with their lives. The child does not particularly see other adults-so why grow if you become “how they”?

It also happens that by the age of twenty, a huge supply of resistance has been accumulating: you wanted me to enter the prestigious institute (got married, give birth to a child). So I achieved everything (or almost everything), which was important to you – and I just feel sick of such a life. True, in response of their decision it is not proposed, but parental views on life can be scolded – and not directly (why contact them), and so, in the form of a generalized model ..

Nastya, think about what your confidence is connected with the fact that the family is only shameful household chores, work is only counting days before vacation, children are only illnesses and school marks.

Now it seems to you that all bets have already been made. But this is not so. You will have to constantly choose (or not choose what in itself is also a choice). Everything only begins for you. So stock up on.

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