6 traps that prevent us from living our life

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Stereotypes – excellent psyche assistants. You can not spend precious energy on the adoption of small household decisions, but concentrate on the main. But often and most importantly, imperceptibly falls under the influence of the stereotype. We automatically miss the important, and then regret the unattainable.

What to do? Know the enemy by person and use effective methods of combating him. We have something to compete for – at stake our own life. Let’s figure out what kind of stereotypes-traps that interfere.

1. Until I chose anything, all the possibilities are available to me, the whole world

This approach is fundamentally incorrect: in fact, possibilities are opened only after your choice, it is just assumptions and dreams. It is the choice that

En moyenne, un homme prend 3 à 4 minutes pour atteindre l’orgasme. Mais si ce temps augmente à 15 minutes et plus, il parle déjà de la présence d’un problème d’éjaculation. Cela peut être dû à dapoxetine problèmes psychologiques, ainsi qu’à cause des effets secondaires de certains médicaments. Par exemple, la réception des antidépresseurs peut provoquer des problèmes d’éjaculation, car dans le corps d’un homme, une quantité excédentaire de sérotonine empêche l’orgasme.

allows you to take the first step and get “feedback” from reality, which will either destroy illusions or help move in the chosen direction. It’s about choosing as a fundamentally new life, about the way to create the future: about the beginning of his business, the birth of a child or a new round in family relationships.

2. Someone else knows what to do

Why do many of us love tests of personality, horoscopes, fortune -telling and with childish delight look at those who confidently explain what we are and what we should do? Where is this faith in the “external miracle”? The question is rather rhetorical, but, you see, you probably would like to get something like a compass of Jack Vorobya, who always shows only one direction: where exactly he, Jack, is needed. But we can only find out where we can move.

3. If you do not make a serious choice, there will be no fatal mistakes

The flip side of the medal called “The one who does nothing is wrong” convinces us that the most safe of all is to inactive. But the fact is that the goal is abstract, and specifically only a means of its implementation. Suppose you want to open a business – this is your goal. A means of its implementation will be a specific advertising agency that you will create. And even if at first you can’t make it profitable, it’s not scary. You can choose another, growing and less competitive market, buy a successful franchise and get the missing business skills.

Choosing a goal and moving along the path of its implementation, you will understand what is the difficulty: in the means or in the absence of the right skill. Both are not fatal, this can be corrected.

4. “I’m 50, it’s too late to change something” or “I’m 50, I still have everything ahead”

It would seem that the opposite messages – why did I unite them into one item? While we are alive, we have time and resources. The question is how much, what and how to activate them and use them as efficiently as possible. And it doesn’t matter how old we are and how many are left until the end of my life.

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